The Mints

My mother always kept mints in her purse. She knew I'd look.

And I did. In church, the grocery store, on errands in the car, and stealth-like in her closet with the light turned off. I'd rummage through her bags every chance I got to find those spicy bits of peppermint or tiny speckled circles of spearmint.

If I looked long enough, dug deep enough, and was silent enough while I did it, I'd find the mints, glinting in shiny gold foil like a mermaid's treasure.

My mother kept them in all her handbags, ready to soothe when I was sick, calm when I was antsy, reward when I was behaved, and inspire when I was discouraged.

Although she passed away recently, she still guides me in how I parent, how I live, and how I love. Because if I stop to listen and am quiet enough, I can hear her voice, offering  encouragement, enlightenment, enjoyment, commitment ... more "mints" than the entire candy aisle at Woolworth's. Click the links below for more about my mother. 
Timepieces (The Purses)