The Moments

The Value of Moments

One article started it all. My seven-year-old son was struggling with sensory issues that manifested their horrid little selves in the form of fuzzy socks.

I wrote about it. The Boston Globe printed it. It was a nice moment.

But more importantly, it was the moment I realized I was not the only parent who felt like a failure because she could not figure out a way to help her child. It was the moment I realized I was not the only mother who allowed a sock no bigger than a first grader’s foot to command too many minutes and moments of her family’s life. And it was the moment I realized I was not the only mom who stays awake at night, petrified, of all the challenges out there that are so much more than a measly sock.

The illustrious Dr. Seuss (who also wrote about socks) said,
“Sometimes you will never know the value of something, until it becomes a memory.”

In Mints in my Mother's Purse, I write about about moments ... moments that are on their way to becoming memories, and moments that have already made it there. I write about moments because they have value, and when I share them with you, and you share back with me, their value increases. For all of us.